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Reliable Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery
Trailer Service in Alberta
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Heavy Duty Towing

Dave Moore Transport and Recovery offers prompt, professional, and experienced service for your Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Towing Needs. We’re at our best when you need us the most. We focus on many areas of towing.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery
  • Vehicle Collision Towing
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Off Road Vehicle Recovery
  • Motor Coaches
  • Motorcycles

Our Mission

Dave Moore Transport is working hard at becoming the premier provider of roadside assistance and heavy duty towing services in the Calgary and surrounding areas. It is our desire to deliver high-quality solutions to various vehicle problems that most of the drivers experience on the road. By embracing technology, developing internal efficiencies, and focusing on the client’s welfare, we can minimize vehicle accidents and help drivers get back on the road safely and as soon as possible. From heavy-duty towing and hauling to accident recovery, Dave Moore Transport and Recovery the premier towing and hauling service in the Calgary and surrounding areas.

Our Fleet

We run a fleet of modern and up to date tow trucks to safely and affordably accomplish most any light, medium or heavy duty towing and recovery job. We excel at the hard stuff.

Dependable Experience

With more than 25 years of experience, the team at Dave Moore Transport and Recovery looks at every job through the eyes of the customer. That’s what sets us apart. We work to understand your exact needs every time you need help.

When it comes to moving highway trucks, motor-coaches, RV's and passenger cars, heavy equipment, heavy towing, flat deck towing, or motorcycles and everything in between, we have the right equipment for most every job.

Light Duty

Retail towing for body shops, fleet customers, private property parking management, specialty cars and trucks, motorcycles, boats and RV's.

Medium Duty

Need some bigger vehicles or equipment moved? We move school buses, forklifts, scissor lifts, industrial machinery and specialized trailer equipment.

Heavy Duty

Big troubles? We have big trucks. Really big trucks, for when you need serious power and expertise to get you out of a real bind. Other times you just need an experienced set of eyes and hands to help a novice driver out of an unexpected situation. Our heavy fleet and clever operators can help. We find the most simple solution is usually the best solution.


No one wants to be in an accident, and the process can be daunting. As professionals, there aren’t many situations we haven’t encountered, so can help you through the process, ensuring safe storage of your vehicle, delivery to the body shop of your choice, fair and accurate billing, and contact with your insurance company. At all times, making things better - not worse - for the customer is a priority for us.

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Professional courteous efficient and so easy to deal with! They truly are pros who know what they’re doing.

- Corrie Tatomir

These guys were great! Helped us out in a big way with our car that blew its power steering. Thanks Dave! A++++

-Jordana Marie

I had the pleasure meeting Dave Moore at an unpleasant time. I was in an accident on the Trans Canada highway near Cochrane. Called 911 and they called in Dave Moore Transport and Recovery Service. Dave showed up with a calming demeanor. He made sure everyone was OK, found me a ride into Cochrane, and towed my truck and trailer in to his compound In Cochrane. He Personally delivered my personal belongings to the hotel that I checked in to, and took the time to explain what to expect from this point. Gave me some forms that the RCMP needed me to complete and everything. He was unbelievable. He even texted me later that night to make sure I was OK. And that’s not where his service excellence ended. He found someone to help me move all the furniture from my trailer to a ***** so that I could complete my trip a couple of days later. Who does that! Dave does that! Unbelievable guy. Thanks Dave. You are the best!!

- Gordon K

Contact us in Calgary, Alberta for safe and reliable recovery trailer services.

Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week | Members of the Manitoba Trucking Association
Serving Calgary, Cochrane, Canmore, Lake Louise, Airdrie, Bragg Creek, McLean Creek, Waiparous, Kananaskis Country,
Canmore, Banff/Yoho/Kootenay/Jasper National Parks, and surrounding areas.