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Members of the Family... Errr, Fleet.

Unit 55

Our most recent addition to the fleet, #55 is also one of our busiest.  From cars to work-trucks to small buses, this little truck is always on the go!

Unit #99

The smallest member of our fleet, this little worker is great for parkades and other tight spaces.

Unit #21

Our deck truck is great for hauling a variety of equipment, from forklifts and scissor lifts to odd-shaped pieces that need to be moved.  It's also great for those times when  you need to access a warehouse door from the ground, for instance when your machine needs service or repsirs but you can't get it out of the warehouse.

  Those odd-shaped pieces that need to be moved...

Unit #303

This truck is great for heavy duty moves, whether it's a simple breakdown or a more complicated recovery.

Unit #1

The truck that started it all for DMTR.  Well, actually, the second, but this one has been with us the longest and occupies a soft spot in our hearts.  The go-to favourite.